Homemade Cannabis Salve Recipe

This plant, which has been banned all over the world, is now legal in several countries. Why? Because her medicinal effect was discovered, and it was primarily for diseases that were considered not to have a cure. Patients with cerebral paralysis feel better after consuming cannabis, as it relaxes their nerves and their muscles. People with terminal illnesses consume cannabis to make their last months more pleasant. Cannabis helps them with nausea, with a diet, but also with pain. Soon then, cannabis oil appeared and then cannabis salve. Their prices went high up, and most people can not really afford them regularly. That’s why we bring you a recipe on how to make an effective cannabis salve at home. This balm has a very good effect when relieving acutely localized, as well as chronic pain.

The effects

You can use this balm for rheumatism, sciatica, muscle pain, swollen legs, and it also positively helps with muscle cramps. Cannabis as the main ingredient of this balm helps not only in physical injuries in your body, but also with a migraine, and circulation. This balm is used by completely healthy people and they have many benefits from it. Why? Because the skin is the largest organ we have and it should always be nourished and taken care of. As the skin absorbs this balm, its positive effect starts to affect the surrounding organs, the blood, and muscles that we have near the lubricated region. In this way, we treat and accelerate the whole organism.


It is necessary to warm your oven to 240 degrees. Put 7 to 10 grams (0.24 to 0.35 ounces) of marijuana in it for 15 minutes. Be sure that you spread the plant well over the entire surface because it needs to be dry as much as possible. A plant that still has any water in it can ruin your balm very quickly. During this time, 2 cups of coconut oil are heated on the stove. You will add marijuana to it after you remove it from the oven. It is very important to mix this mixture well and keep it in the low temperature for 20 minutes. Then succeed it in the jar using a gauze.

Now is the time to convert this liquid into a salve. Put the beeswax on the stove. The ratio should be 1 part of bee wax to 5 parts of cannabis or 2 ounces of wax to 10 ounces of cannabis oil. When you calculate how much you need, melt that bee wax on your stove and then add the oil you made. Stir well and then pour your mixture into the refractory bowl in which it will cool down and become your own handmade homemade cannabis salve.