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We started in this business from the bottom, and now we are here – our history goes back to the 1990s when we decided to become more serious and create a brand in this niche. Our company became one of the first dispensaries in Colorado that started with selling medical marijuana, which created a good path for our success. Today, we can offer a variety of marijuana products, from the dried flowers to tinctures and cookies but we would not be able to come up with all that if we didn’t have our experienced staff that cares about the customer’s satisfaction.

Ashlandgreenery.org works together to create the best products with medical marijuana and to prove our world that this plant can cure many diseases. As this plant is often characterized as “gateway to other drugs,” we concluded that we need to hold a conference once in a while, where people could learn about the marijuana plant. Our mission is to educate people and give them a better insight into the whole matter since we have a lot of medical experts who are willing to work with us on creating a better place for the cannabis industry. The staff organizes once in a month the conference on marijuana industry, its benefits, and possibilities that can offer ultimately.

Our team consists of people from different expertise and areas of work – from doctors to chemical experts who possess enormous experience and knowledge on biology, chemistry, and agriculture. The team is always open to questions and suggestions. They love to be in interaction with the customers since the customers point out the good and the bad things, which makes easier for us to create exactly what you look for. The business grows bigger every day and we hope that we will expand our product menu very soon.